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Established in 1942, Alloway Stamping and Machine Co., Inc. is a company with experience in several areas of job shop production.  We work with customers to give the highest level of quality and satisfaction possible.  This summary of the capabilities of our shop serves as a guideline to determine if Alloway Stamping is the right company to produce the custom work needed by potential customers.


Conventional Stamping


Alloway Stamping has long been involved with conventional stamping operations.  We manufacture special washers of all sizes, materials, and thicknesses.  We also run a large variety of dies that make unique parts per customer requirements.  Our conventional press capacities run from 2 tons to 300 tons.  All our presses are hand fed using either flat bar, sheared sheet metals, or plate metals.  In this department, we also have shears with capacities up to 3/4" Hot Roll Steel and 1/2" Stainless Steel in six foot lengths.


Laser Cutting


Alloway Stamping has been a leader in laser cutting since the purchase of our first laser in May, 1987.  With one of the first industrial lasers in the Southeast, no one in our area has the experience we have to offer.  Our machines currently have capacities up to 3/4" Hot Roll Steel, 1/2" Stainless Steel, and 1/4" Aluminum.  The lasers will cut a wide variety of additional materials including brass, copper, wood, various papers and plastics, and others.  We can quickly answer any questions pertaining to the cutting abilities and material capabilities if needed.


Machine Shop


Our company has a fully functional machine shop.  We do all our die making and repair in house.  We also build and repair dies for companies throughout the region.  Having experience in stamping allows us to build dies with efficient production in mind.


CNC Punching and Forming


Another important area of Alloway Stamping that allows the utilization of several types of machinery is our CNC Fabrication department.  We have turret presses with capacities up to 55 tons, brake presses with capacities up to 200 tons per foot and 14' lengths, and precision shearing up to 10 lengths and 1/4" thick.  Spot welding operations and other assembly processes are also performed in this area.


Some of the other services we offer are wire EDM Machining, welding and finishing of welded surfaces, stud welding, general machining, and many custom processes to meet customer needs.



Nancye Alloway, President

Scott Gill, Manufacturing/Operations

Jeff Vetterick, Engineering/Programming